You are reborn the day you become a mother. The day you bring your child into this world, it’s no longer about you. You are raising a beautiful human being. I found my worth, I found who I was always supposed to be, the day I found out I was pregnant. From that moment, I started thinking about our life, not just mine. I found myself within becoming a mother.  I escaped domestic violence. But my daughter was the reason I broke free. 

I am forever humbled by my time at the House of Hope. What I wish people knew about homeless mothers is, they all have a story. I had my stereotypes of homelessness and shelters before going to one. Escaping domestic violence, I had nowhere to go. I was a single mom without a job. I felt so broken because I was becoming part of a statistic–going to a women’s shelter due to domestic violence. At the House of Hope, I realized we all were there to have a safe place and a new start with our children. We all had our struggles and different stories to tell. 

While I was at the House of Hope, I had a support system to guide me during this huge change in my life. They held my hand while I healed myself. I had a safe place for my daughter and I while I processed the trauma I went through. They encouraged me to go back to therapy weekly. I received understanding, compassion, and support during my stay. I felt safe, a feeling I almost forgot what it was like to feel. I did some schooling and will forever be grateful for the education I received with their help. I was determined to stay focused on my goals, and they helped me stay accountable. They offered endless housing resources that soon helped me get into transitional housing.

House of Hope was the stepping stone in our new beginning. Before coming to House of Hope, I was scared for our safety. I was a single mom with a newborn. I entered a beautiful new chapter of my life as a mother as well as entering a chapter of my life escaping domestic violence and creating a stable life for my new family. I will forever be grateful for the hearts of everyone there who helped and supported me in my journey. 

The House of Hope changes lives forever. It truly is a place that holds hope for everyone. The House of Hope is a place where homeless mothers can find their strength and overcome challenges. They have little eyes watching them, they have their children depending on them. Take the “homeless” out, they are mothers above all. As a graduate, I have confidence that the mothers who enter the House of Hope will be forever blessed. I have confidence they will find their path and stand tall again. 

Lindsay is a recent graduate of the House of Hope. After completing a transitional housing program, Lindsay found permanent housing. She and her daughter are happy, healthy, and thriving in their new apartment and new life.

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