In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked House of Hope moms to share their hopes and dreams for their children. Maddie* wrote a beautiful letter to her daughter.

To my daughter Belle,

God knew my heart needed you and he gave me you at the perfect time. You saved me. I was in an unhealthy abusive relationship while I was growing you. Because I had you in my belly, I found the courage and strength to leave, to break the cycle for you and our family. 

You gave me purpose. I was lost before you but found myself when I became your mother. The day I found out I was pregnant, I made sure every step I took was the example I wanted to be for the little eyes that will be watching me for the rest of my life. I make sure every word I say is out of love, including the words I say to myself. I am raising a daughter and I am her example. I need to speak to myself gently and with love so I can model self-love. I hope I am the woman you look up to.

You are exactly who you’re supposed to be, and I will love you for whoever you choose to be. You learn about the world every day and I get to relearn about it daily through your eyes. You are so innocent and pure. You are my greatest teacher in this life, you teach me something new about myself daily. You chose me to be your mother, I thank you and God for that daily. 

You are blooming into such a bright soul. You are the light of my life and bring light into everyone’s lives you come in contact with. You bring smiles to every stranger you pass, wave to and blow kisses at. You show me the greatest love of all. I love you so deeply. I get to celebrate Mother’s Day because of you. Thank you for choosing me, thank you for making me a mother.

With all my love,


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy and ensure the safety of the families residing at the House of Hope.